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We've prepared a free eBook, "7 Things To Know Before You Go Solar," which makes the case for switching to solar. The Solar Industry has been awash with confusion for a number of years.  Our Solar Guide will help you cut through the solar jungle and bring clarity. In it you'll learn:

1.  How you can insulate yourself from rising electric rates.

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3.  Why we stand by our production guarantee for 30 years (Who does that?)

What Our Customers Have To Say...

Remarkable Job! ★★★★★

Absolutely amazing service. We met 4 different solar contractors. We had a hard time even getting some of the companies to show up for the appointment. AND Solar came out the same day. Their presentation was excellent. The products they use were top-notch. Less than an hour after they left, we called them back to get started. Our installation happened 5 days later. We now no longer pay the power company! Love them! Everyone on the team was great to work with.


Impressive Organization! ★★★★★

The customer service person on the phone was very pleasant. They came out 2 hours later to give us a free quote. Their products were great and price was very reasonable. We signed up and they had the system installed 4 days later. Their workmanship was superb. I was highly impressed with their whole operation. I highly recommend AND Solar!


Absolutely Amazing Service! ★★★★★

Some type of alert light appeared on our solar system. Ryan from AND Solar came out the same day to check on it. He explained what it was and double checked everything. Turns out it was a harmless routine indicator. It was nice to know they were there for us when we needed them. They are a great team!